Louis Hagel GmbH & Co. KG of Hamburg, Germany, as one of the oldest operations in the port of Hamburg, has added a new stationary Tukan manufactured by Ardelt; this just happened in time manner beginning of the new season 2014/2015.

Louis Hagel is specialized in handling fertilizers, salts and other bulk goods. To serve his operations, the maximum outreach of the new double jib level luffing crane is 36 meter and the maximum lifting capacity is 12 tonnes. In terms of serviceability, the TUKAN is equipped with the latest technology: touch-screen monitors, supervision cameras and semi-automatic operation allow the crane operator to not only work more easily, but also ensure more safety.

Since Year 2000 slewing cranes from Ardelt are equipped with the Anti-Sway Control System that is continuously under improvement. The advantages of this system are based on an advanced control process that makes optimal fine positioning during manual operation possible. As a result, a smooth transition from manual operation to semi-automatic movement is possible, even with load sway.

Louis Hagel benefits well from this system; the manual control over the ship merges smoothly and without any delay into the automatic operation for unloading the bulk goods into hopper. Due to the rapid and efficient bulk handling into the covered conveyor belts, Louis Hagel minimizes the environmental impact, such as humidity, on the handled goods while at the same time achieving optimal maximizing handling throughput.

The patented and in-house developed Grab Filling Optimization Technology is used in all Kocks and Ardelt bulk handling systems. Cutouts (stoppage) due to grab’s overload are matters of the past – with Ardelt grab’s technology, handling productivity is maximized and the grab capacity with regard to various materials properties is utilized to the maximum values.